Who we help



  • Infertility – we have had some notable successes in this area. Herbal medicine offers a number of different approaches. Please phone us to discuss your situation and what we may be able to do.
  • Infections – these can go back and forth causing trouble, but herbs and diet can usually sort things out.
  • Counselling – when attitudes or difficulties become entrenched or trust is lost, an unbiased ear can make a real difference to communication.



  • Care during pregnancy – for conditions such as varicose veins, nausea, haemorrhoids, back pain, constipation etc solutions can be found with safe herbal medicine, internally and/or externally.
  • Helping the birth process – giving birth can be significantly supported and eased by the use of tried and tested herbs, used by wise women for generations.
  • Home birth – we support home births for mothers who want to give the most natural start in life to their babies. If you have not considered home birth before go to www.homebirth.org.uk/homebirth2.htm



  • Breastfeeding – since ‘Breast is Best’ in all circumstances problems such as mastitis, excess or insufficient milk, can be promptly and effectively treated with safe herbs, helping to avoid the ‘formula milk trap’.
  • Babies – we have treated babies at the Clinic for conditions including croup, whooping cough, colic rashes, infections, eczema and conjunctivitis. Herbs  in trained hands are safe, very effective and gentle.
  • Vaccinations – We lend books and videos on this important subject and provide herbal options and support to concerned parents.



  • General Health – school children are exposed to a lot of potential infections and can benefit from Herbal medicine to boost immunity and resilience.
  • Common problems – tummy aches, ear ache, eczema, worms, hyperactivity, head lice…all treatable with safe and effective herbs.
  • Specific problems – counselling is very useful for school phobia and emotional challenges. The effects of puberty and hormone changes bring new energies. Herbal medicine be can be invaluable here.



  • Look after yourself – men are often reluctant to take worries to someone but a Medical Herbalist may be more approachable than a GP and can perform many of the same examinations.
  • Sexual function – difficulties such as erectile dysfunction (impotence), prostatitis (infection) and enlargement of the prostate gland can be effectively treated with the right herbs, as well as premature ejaculation and relationship issues.
  • Hair Loss or Premature Greying – safe and effective herbs can restore youthful locks and looks.



  • Thrush and Vaginitis – many women suffer from yeast infections or soreness unnecessarily, often due to antibiotics. Herbs treat both, fast.
  • Cystitis, Urethritis and Kidney infection – the vast majority of UTIs can be rapidly resolved with herbal medicine in the hands of a trained and experienced Medical Herbalist.
  • Breast lumps – benign breast lumpiness is common and can be readily treated with safe herbal preparations reducing anxiety. Real support available in breast cancer and related problems.
  • Menstrual cycle – whether it is PMS, period pains, heavy bleeding, irregular cycle, menopausal disruptions such as hot flushes and libido changes, herbal medicine can effectively solve such problems.



  • Stress – periods of excessive stress or anxiety can have serious repercussions (e.g. depression) but here at the Clinic we have a long history of successful support and relief in this area.
  • Sleep disruption – when demands are too heavy sleep can become irregular and a vicious circle can develop. Timely treatment with herbs can make all the difference and get you back on track.
  • High Blood Pressure – can develop with long term overwork, but herbal medicine can effectively bring it back down and ease the pressures in the system. We offer regularly monitoring of those at risk.


Older people

  • Dementia and Memory Loss – is the number one concern in an aging population. Herbal medicine has proven benefits meaning a fulfilling, mentally active life is still possible.
  • Circulatory Problems – angina, swollen ankles, age related macula degeneration, leg ulcers, late onset asthma & tendency to falls – all treatable with herbs.
  • Arthritis – both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis can safely be treated with time honoured herbs bringing much needed relief and a return to an active life.
  • Drugs and Herbs – we frequently treat people on complex drug prescriptions safely and effectively.



  • Specific difficulties can develop as a result of certain physical disabilities. The Medical Herbalist addresses each situation as unique, finding solutions that are workable and effective.
  • The no. 1 vulnerability when movement is restricted is adequate circulation to all tissues. Herbal Medicine is very effective at reversing this trend or treating problems that arise because of it, such as swollen feet, UTIs and skin fragility, all common occurrences for wheelchair users.
  • Working with other professionals – the Medical Herbalist can support  the work of doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths etc. with effective therapeutic herbs internally and externally.