The initial consultation will take a minimum of 1 hour but can take up to 2 hours in more complex cases. The fee after the first hour is in additional 15 minute increments and will not be more than 2 hours.

An in-depth look at your current symptoms and full medical history
A physical examination, if required, using familiar medical techniques
Diagnosis and treatment plan explained clearly in plain English
A Presription of individalised herbal medication is dispensed – usually enough for two weeks or so.

At the initial consultation you will have the opportunity to describe your condition, it’s effect on your life, any associated symptoms or how it all developed, and any questions you have about it, in depth. Many searching questions will be asked in order to discern the causes and underlying background to the current issue including your personal medical history, family medical background, any medication you use now or in the past, and the details of your diet and lifestyle.

If required, standard medical examinations may be carried out, such as taking your blood pressure, listening to your heart or lungs or looking in your ears, eyes, or at the part of your body affected. This may require some undressing – just as you would expect at a doctors’ surgery. Patients under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For any intimate examinations please bring your own chaperone as the clinic cannot guarantee that another female is available during your consultation.

Any diagnosis, and the thinking behind it, will be explained to you in plain English so you understand the reasoning.

Herbal Medicine
Medicine will usually be dispensed for you there and then from the well stocked dispensary. This could be in the form of a tailor made combination of tinctures (alcoholic extracts of herbs), teas, juices, capsules, syrups, creams or drops, depending on the case.

Clear instructions will be given on the label about how and when to take the medicine, and in some cases recommendations on changes to lifestyle or diet may also be made.

Dietary alterations
Our daily diet can play a very powerful part in our health. Changes in diet that are proposed are explained in detail, with explanation, to enable you to make the changes easily and with confidence. Discussion of dietary effects and adjustment may take some time, but it is time well spent to ensure you know what you are doing and why.

Nutritional supplements
Sometimes specific nutritional supplements, of professional quality, are recommended and usually provided from the clinic. Some specialist supplements may need to be ordered in for a particular patient, but we pride ourselves on keeping excellent products in stock, some of which need to be kept refrigerated as in the case of omega 3 fish oils or certain probiotics.

Follow up consultations
Depending on the case, a follow up appointment is made within a month, but acute conditions may require daily phone calls to keep on top of a fast changing situation. The most frequent interval between the first and second consultation is 3 weeks. Subsequent consultations are booked as required. Some patients come for maintenance consultations every 3 months. Each person and each case is unique.

Phone consultations
Following the initial consultation in person it may be possible to manage the condition through phone conversations. Brief phone calls, under 10 minutes, will not incur any charges, but if a more detailed discussion is appropriate you will be billed for the time, as well as any medicine sent.

Posting medicine
Many patients have repeat herbal medicine or supplements posted out to them in between one to one consultations. The Royal Mail’s first class service is always used, and proof of postage obtained. Payment should be made on receipt of the package, and the invoice will be in with the medicine.

Rosemary Cottage Clinic accepts payment by cash, cheque and all major debit and credit cards or by online banking. The details of this are provided on request.