L S-T | Chichester

Open_quote_headerI first met Afifah when I was suffering from a chronic upper respiratory
chest infection.  Afifah advised I take medicine for my lungs and for the
infection and I recovered naturally with no side effects.  Wow I did recover
and have not had any upper respiratory infections since.  I had seen my GP
and he gave me steroids and antibiotics which did not work.  Since that time
I have kept in touch with Afifah attending a food course which changed my
views on eating and I improved my diet.  I have several visits to her for
different ailments and I have never been let down and she has always been
there for me.  I often wonder what I did before meeting Afifah.  I now eat a
much more balanced diet and have not felt so well in years.

S A | Bognor Regis

Open_quote_headerI have been seeing Afifah Hamilton now for over a year. During this time I have been very impressed by her knowledge and understanding of my condition, as well as the diligence she has shown in investigating the issues surrounding my case. For me she is more than a medical practitioner as she takes the time to explain and support my emotional as well as physical wellbeing. She is an absolute gem and I am so glad that I found her.

Rosie Brown | West Sussex

Open_quote_headerMeeting Afifah quite simply changed my life for the better.  Digestive problems, suffered since my childhood, have been completely healed. Now in my later years, I am free from stomach pain & bloating, I have renewed energy & stamina that makes walking the Scottish hills even more pleasurable.  Without doubt this is due to healing that has taken place after adopting the dietary advice Afifah advocated. Her work is always soundly backed by wide and current research, and with her approach of educating her patients along the way, that understanding brings logic to the treatment, making it easy to adopt and maintain.  It becomes a very beneficial lifestyle change.  I will always be grateful for her help.  My overall health is so much better than for many years.  Her work is very important.  With gratitude.

Joy Page | Hampshire

Open_quote_headerI was a health professional myself, suffering with my health, floundering with GP and gastro consultants. I was recommended to visit Afifah Hamilton at Rosemary Cottage Clinic, eventually made appointment and  I was looked into as a whole person for the first time, had all my symptoms connected and finally was put on a diet shift that has transformed my life and symptoms. I feel like I know a dirty secret to healthily living, and I now enjoy the food I eat and the energy it gives me. I’m not Afifah’s most regular or lucrative patient because I am now very very well, and I thank her for that.

S C | Chichester

Open_quote_headerAfter suffering for many years with recurrent urinary and digestive problems, I finally found Afifah whose simple dietary advice and herb teas have solved my difficulties.  I follow her blog and appreciate the regular research updates and recipes.

S B | Chichester

Open_quote_headerI have been working with Afifah to help me manage and support my Crohn’s Disease nutritionally rather than pharmaceutically for just under a year so far.  Within approx. 3-4 months we had enabled me to become medication free for the first time in 21 years!  I wish I had found her a long time ago but I’m grateful to have her supporting and genuinely caring for me and my health now.  Warmth, kindness, extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to care for her patients I couldn’t recommend more highly.

A H | Bedfordshire

Open_quote_headerI was listening to Radio 4 Any Answers on 18 January 2014, quite by chance, and the question was asked about medical students’ nutrition training. One of the contributors was Afifah. I was impressed enough to send her an email supporting her input and was even more impressed to receive a two page email by way of a reply. Afifah gave me  book titles for suggested reading and some pointers to diet improvements. Quite a lot of reading later, I have cut out wheat, and other grains, most carbohydrates, and I can enjoy the food I eat without the pressure of appetite stimulation to eat even more. I no longer graze  all day, and can go all day without feeling hungry. The blogs and recipes are equally impressive. What a gem, thanks Afifah.

Linda | Selsey

Open_quote_headerI saw Afifah last year for my menopausal symptoms, mainly hot flushes as I was having to get up 6 or 7 times in the night, very hot and sweaty and I usually had to change my nightie once each night.  I was also having many flushes during the day.  I had some low feelings and this was not good.
I thought that I would try herbal medicine and, as I had seen Afifah give a very good talk several years ago, I booked a session.  Afifah was very thorough and, as is the case with complementary therapists, wanted to treat the whole me.  Therefore I came away with a medicine for my hot flushes that would also help my Rheumatoid Arthritis and occasional migraines!  The full Monty!
I have seen Afifah a few times now and my hot flushes are very diminished; although I wake a couple of times a night I am no longer sweating and can just throw off the bedclothes for a while.   I am feeling much more positive and also feel sexy again which I think is fantastic!
My Rheumatoid Arthritis is much better since taking the medicine and Afifah has altered it over time to be more effective.  I can certainly recommend Afifah.

Susie Alexander | West Sussex


I have been suffering with IBS and all it’s associated problems for over 12 years, taking lots of different drugs prescribed by the GP and strong analgesics when necessary. Over the last year I have been seeing Afifah who has helped me to know what is good and bad for my wellbeing and as a result I am more careful of what I eat, am hugely better, have more energy and feel healthier and fitter. Best of all I now don’t need any prescribed drugs!

Brian Budd PhD | Hampshire

Open_quote_headerI was within a day of starting the ghastly NHS drug program so, for me, your interest and advice has probably been a life-saver. I would almost certainly by now have graduated to a type 1 insulin-injecting diabetic without it. “Thank you” seems an almost grudgingly inadequate response, but THANK YOU!

A W | Chichester

Open_quote_headerMy husband is much better now, thank you so much. I also believe you saved me from the flu so thank you for that too! He is now officially a herbal believer after your fever tea etc saved him :)

V T | Hampshire

Open_quote_headerI have continued to make changes to my diet and gradually introduced a lot of the foods I had eliminated I have cut out bread and pasta. I am feeling so much better than the last time I saw you and am back to work and running etc the symptoms have gradually gone I still find I get very tired by the end of the week but compared to how things were, not bad!