B B | Bognor Regis

Open_quote_headerI saw more than one GP at my surgery and all they did was put me on a different birth control pill each time, but I continued to have a period for months, non stop. Then they prescribed me anti-depressants, which I didn’t want, which is why my mum took me to see you. You gave me a diet sheet and weird tasting herbal medicine but within one week my period had stopped and I felt nearly normal again. You explained how the anaemia that I had by then was probably the cause of my depression, and sure enough, once I stopped bleeding like that my whole depression thing just gradually lifted. Why did my doctor think anti-depressants would help me when the cause was the anaemia? My cycle has been perfect since you put it right back then, and I have never had those problems again. And now I don’t eat any of the junk food you took me off, thank God, as you showed me how bad it was for me. I was only 18 at the time and the doctors were suggesting that the only way to stop my period was to have a hysterectomy! You fixed it in a week, and I’ve been able to have children as a result of your treatment, which I wouldn’t be able to do if I had relied on my doctor!